“World’s greatest service for humans!”

I was not able to tell my husband the relationship is over. I used to feel guilty and ashamed. I now have a clear understanding of as to what happened in my relationship and I am okay with it. The counseling I’m in has no direction and I feel like my counselor does not tell me the truth. I have an addiction she wants to tell me. Just listen no feedback. I feel stupid in therapy. I was very hesitant in starting the program because of all the requirements like following the ethics on daily basis and arrangement to get the time out to do homework. Telling my story. I was very miserable in my day to day life. When I started the program my life was very disturbed no structure. When I started, I became alive, picked up momentum and felt a difference. I tried everything from therapy, second therapy, to friends, to relative and reading books, it helped a little but your program is clever , gentle and firm. I found myself SO satisfied with the programme as a whole. The overall quality it brings is something I’d describe as finding hidden treasure! I just wish you had something to help me fix my communication skills (LOL). I love you Adele and your heart and I salute your commitment to erase human suffering that comes in a form of divorce. May you be successful in providing your world’s greatest service for humans. Highly recommend!!

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