Process, Decide, and Move Forward Intentionally After Infidelity

When the foundation of trust in a relationship is shattered, it can become one of the most life-altering, painful, and isolating experiences in a person’s life.

Whether you decide to stay or leave, there’s no need to go through it alone.

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Imagine a partnership that once felt like the safest place in the world, suddenly turned upside down when it was discovered that one of the partners had been unfaithful to the other. The emotional experience of infidelity trauma, which is also frequently referred to as betrayal trauma, is one that is intense and multifaceted.

Infidelity and the resulting trauma can rock even the strongest relationships.

The shattered foundation of trust leaves both partners in turmoil—the betrayed grappling with self-blame, feeling like it’s their fault or that they’re not good enough. Meanwhile, the unfaithful partner battles guilt, shame, and questions their own values.

The good news is you are not alone. Welcome to Naked Infidelity. We’ll help you to gain clarity and courage, guiding you to repair, reinvent, or release your relationships in healthy ways.

Infidelity trauma doesn’t have to control your life

Take charge of your emotional well-being with our structured coaching program at Naked Infidelity. This program is designed to address broken trust, deal with emotional dysregulation, and reshape your core self.

Led by certified trauma coach Adele Theron, CCTP, boasting over 20 years and more than 6032 individual clients, you can experience the transformative power of healing for lasting change.

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The Benefits of The Naked Marriage Infidelity Program

Specialist in Trauma Recovery

You’re guided by a Certified Clinical Trauma Recovery Coach and specialists in what we do.

Personal Coaching

One size does not fit all. Every couple is unique, and our approach is personalized to meet your specific needs and goals.

Structured Approach

You’ll be guided through holistic plan covering diet, routine, fitness, health & spirituality.

Recover or Your Money Back

Overcome infidelity trauma or get your money back! (we’ve never had 1 person claim this offer!)

Risk free

7-day trial : your refund is hassle-free — no questions, no complications.

Reputation Built on Discretion

We’ve worked with celebrities, royal family, presidents, but can’t say whom they are!

Infidelity Trauma Recovery Program Curriculum

Divorce CocoonWe will start with your first session to assess and take a client and clinical history. The first module is focused on restoring balance and creating stabilization. Before we do any processing, we first need to empower you to become grounded and emotionally stable. To begin, you’ll create a strong solid foundation so you have a supportive environment to contain your transformation.

  • We will cover goal setting so we have a clear starting position, ending position and mission
  • The next session we look at your symptoms and put a plan in place to alleviate the stress of those symptoms. We will be looking at daily routines, diet, structure, habits, thought diaries etc. I will assess and give you specific homework, monitoring your progress
  • You will be given special clinical audios to listen to and taught how to resource yourself, to feel completely stabilized
  • You will be in a COCOON – this is the goal

The second module empowers you to practice self-compassion. Self-compassion is a very powerful resource tool which assists in trauma recovery. Often we destroy any lessons we might learn from events which happened because we are so stuck in self loathing or self flagellation. This is unhelpful and unkind to ourselves. Self compassion melts shame, guilt, despair and assists us in building resilience and strength. It’s a very important tool to learn for recovery.

MetamorphosisHere the true healing begins. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar is rapidly healing and changing, preparing to burst out as a beautiful butterfly. A caterpillar CANNOT grow wings without being contained but once contained, the real work can begin…

  • You will outline the principles, mission statement and framework of how you want your life post trauma to look
  • We will study your triggers in day to day life and look at the anxious avoidance and depressive avoidance strategies you have adopted to recover. Once ready and resourced, we will begin your Histogram highpoints and lowpoints story whilst continuing the routines and disciplines we have learnt so you are contained throughout the journey
  • We will identify all the top trauma hot spots
  • You will learn 12 techniques to self regulate your emotions and neutralise your triggers and in turn, clarify your needs. We focus on several techniques including TRE, Somatic Trauma Processing, Hakomi breathwork,  Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioural techniques and Timeline therapy techniques so you can ground yourself and deactivate the trauma response
  • We also utilise relaxation audio programs to assist in the resourcing process
  • We will do trauma formulations and forward focused techniques using Polyvagel theory on all those hot spots to neutralize them, understanding the cognitive dissonances which have occurred.
  • We will work on neutralizing your coping mechanisms which have produced negative outcomes for you
  • We might additionally make use of other therapies during this step

ReleaseWe continue supporting you in learning different techniques until you feel more empowered to deactivate your own trauma response, you’re now ready to work on your future, dreams and desires.
Get back in touch with yourself again, change beliefs, set boundaries, and reclaim your life.

  • We will then work on designing your future
  • We will teach you communication techniques to better communicate your needs with each other and signpost triggers
  • Learning forward-focused-techniques for living a great life

What Makes Naked Infidelity Different:

  • Evidence-based process created by infidelity experts with over 12 years’ experience
  • Customized support for both betrayed and unfaithful partners.
  • Impressive 92.3% success rate based on client surveys.
  • Uniquely holistic approach focused on healing and recovery.
  • Comprehensive guidance for repairing, reinventing, or releasing your relationship.
  • We don’t just teach strategies, we walk with you on the journey of self-discovery and growth. Other programs may offer band-aid fixes but we focus on deep-rooted change from inside out. This allows you to build the resilience to handle future challenges in empowering ways.

If you feel stuck in victimhood, chaos or drama – we provide the clarity and courage to break free.

If you seek to turn this crisis into a catalyst for positive change, we are your partners!

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Understand the nature of affairs


of all divorces involve affairs


people are having some kind of affair every day


people are engaged in some kind of affair every month

It’s extremely common: It’s a myth that there are people who have affairs, and those who don’t.

Understanding Infidelity Trauma: A Deeper Dive

Infidelity trauma is the distress experienced when betrayal occurs within a romantic relationship, manifesting as infidelity or financial betrayal. This trauma provokes responses such as loss of self-esteem, numbness, anger, guilt, difficulty controlling emotions, intrusive thoughts, and various mental and physical symptoms.

When trust is broken, emotional dysregulation can occur, activating the fight or flight mechanism. Left unprocessed, trauma reshapes core selves, making normal functioning challenging.

Understanding the dynamics of betrayal is crucial for both the betrayed partner and the wayward partner. There are clear stages that each goes through, and being aware of the signs and how to navigate them prepares you for what lies ahead.

Betrayed Partner: Process You Will Go Through

The stages for the betrayed partner often include:

1. Victim stage

  • Signs: Disbelieve, reluctance, outrage, defensiveness, sympathy-seeking, feel the right to be hurt, entitled, unearned guilt, blame/ shame/ fault finding.
  • How to shift: Shift perception from Victim/ pedestrian to passenger/ Witness, shift attention from blame to seeking accountability, have a plan in place for handling triggers.

2. Survivor stage

  • Signs: Alive but not living, surviving but not thriving, no trust, suppressed, tolerate pain but not healed pain, got to take back control, tired of no peace or happiness, control and compliance needed, anxiety, policing the offender, guarded and mistrusting, background tension, fatigued and exhausted.
  • How to shift: Must commit to survive this, must commit to the learning stage.

3. Learning stage

  • Signs: Thinking there has got to be a better way, practicing, experimenting, workshopping, open-minded, accepting help.
  • How to shift: Integrate the wisdom learnt for permanent relief, accept that learning and healing are inseparable.

4. Healing stage

  • Signs: Ready to let go of the pain and punishment, healing triggered by experiences from within, many breakthrough and breakdown moments.
  • How to shift: Process and integrate learnings, practice forgiveness.

5. Teaching stage

  • Signs: Experience becomes and testimonial and inspiration, sharing victory, ensures none of the suffering was in vain.
  • How to shift: What happened didn’t make you less, it made you more. See it as a blessing/ necessary turning point to a new life

Wayward Partner: Process You Will Go Through

The stages for the betrayed partner often include:

1. Denial/ Deception/ Guilt stage

  • Signs: Erratic behavior, irritability, disconnection, sabotage, regression, old habits (smoking, etc.), insomnia, anger, gaslighting, guilt, self-loathing.
  • How to shift: Give up excuses, stop blaming, shifting to total honesty.

2. Disclosure stage

  • Signs: Suspicion, mistrust, constant monitoring, a lot of questions, interrogations, have to explain what happened many times over.
  • How to shift: Have to end affair, stop lying and volunteer transparency.

3. Standing-in-the-storm stage

  • Signs: Live with the negative backlash and consequences, living in the wilderness, you are on eggshells, dealing with mood-swings.
  • How to shift: Develop mental toughness, lean into the discomfort, be there.

4. Learning stage

  • Signs: Keep learning, keep asking questions about why this happened. What part of yourself were you trying to reclaim in your affair?
  • How to shift: Understand all choices have consequences. Move from asking questions related to your own survival and stress relief to questions developing self-awareness.

5. Redemption stage

  • Signs: Understand that we are all susceptible, there are no mistakes/ only feedback and lessons.
  • How to shift: Restore your values and your honor with yourself and your partner.
Without proper coaching, infidelity trauma can persist, resulting in long-term anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. However, our Naked Infidelity program has empowered thousands to understand changes in themselves and their relationships, guiding them through the process of recovery and transformation

Affairs often stem from unmet needs and autopilot choices, with the mistaken pleasure giving way to guilt.

Infidelity can act as both a crisis and a crossroads, providing an escape window and a mirror for self-discovery. Our program helps you comprehend its nature and anticipate the journey ahead, whether you’re the betrayed or unfaithful partner.

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Just a few of our testimonials

Clearing Away All The Old Crap

I got SO much out of it. It enabled me to explore the past in a gentle, effective way and to start to lay old negative patterns and beliefs to rest.

It was like clearing away all the old crap that was in my way.

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Jo Dale

Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

The money spent was the best investment I’ve ever made on myself and I’d recommend the course to anyone that finds themselves in the same situation I was in.

The coach was ultra supportive and knew her stuff. Its been over a week since I completed the course and I’m just so looking forward to the new life I’ve started building for myself.

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Love this effective program!

This program went right to the heart of the matter from many different approaches. My goal was to not hurt any longer than necessary and to heal more quickly

The daily assignments provided something to work on every day and it focused me with supportive coaching.

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Teresa K

Early Stages Following Trauma: What to Expect

With trauma, jumpy feelings and intrusive memories are normal. While two-thirds of people see these symptoms fade, others may experience delayed negative symptoms such as:

Problems sleeping
Difficulty concentrating or remembering
Intense memories and nightmares
Feeling physically and emotionally upset
Feeling disconnected or numb
Feelings of guilt, shame, or panic
Recovery is possible. Don't merely endure the trauma; take control today.

Health Risks of Living with Trauma: Take Action

Living with trauma can lead to significant health issues—physically and mentally. Courage, commitment, and action can pave the way to recovery and reclaiming your life.



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Data: National Center for Biotechnology Information

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Coaching is different to therapy…​

Are your goals and those of the traditional therapist aligned?

The reality is that a professional therapist only earns income for as long as your ‘problem’ remains. They are financially incentivized for your issue to continue for as long as possible, often years. Therapy is perfect if you have complex psychological issues, addictions, very complex pasts to navigate. Coaching can be more suitable in having a programmatized approach to recovery. The problems with traditional relationship therapy are:

No Guarantee of Results - Traditional therapy has no guarantee of success
Slow - Traditional therapy takes months, often years
Limited Technology - >80% therapist only have one expertise
Expensive - Average cost is $24,888.00 - $51,943.00
Not a Specialist - Not focused on teaching valuable skills.

Coaching can be 200% faster than traditional therapy

Marriage recovery and re-creation measured in weeks, not years

Perturbation Framework*

*The Perturbation framework is a coaching methodology and a modern holistic alternative to traditional therapy. It’s used in all Naked Marriage programs. Book a Clarity call to see if coaching is a fit to save your marriage.

Traditional therapy is best suited for extreme traumatic response. The duration estimates are based on interviews with 12 leading psychotherapists
* Results are guaranteed
** Based on feedback from the Naked Marriage programs. Naked Marriage coaching programs are suited to people who want to get back to their lives using a proven education-based trauma recovery methodology.

We measure and value our success rates

*Results are measured at the start of our programs, at the end and finally 6 months later.













Break free from betrayal and infidelity trauma

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“Betrayal can be extremely painful, but it’s up to you how much that pain damages you permanently.”

Emily V. Gordon

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