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The NakedMarriage Marriage Assessment is just what you need. Common challenges like communication, finances, sex and intimacy, infidelity, religious and cultural differences, and in-law issues can threaten the stability of your marriage. The issues you identify may only scratch the surface. Our marriage coach will explore the roots of your challenges to offer insight and guidance.

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What is Marriage Assessment?

A Marriage Assessment is a special 3-hour session which will help you to assess your marriage situation and get some clarity of your marriage. Our team and those who work on the Naked Marriage have transformed the lives of thousands of people over the 11 years. We really know an effective pathway to helping people get over the emotional turmoil, circumstances and pressures you have encountered during marriage.

So I invite you to join us in a special Marriage Assessment. It’s a call to help you achieve clarity on your divorce or break up. In this hour, you will:

Get Unstuck - Uncover the inhibitors which are keeping you stuck and keeping you from getting clarity and making a choice

Get Clear - Have the clarity and the key frameworks that will help you identify, organize and plan your next steps

Move Forward - Address any concerns or challenges you may need to overcome moving forward

Why You Should Assess the Condition of Your Relationships:

Evaluating the strength of your connection is analogous to getting routine checkups on your mental health. Both are important to your overall happiness. This is why it is so important:

  • Prevention and Early Intervention: In the same way that going to the doctor for checkups on a regular basis can discover potential health concerns before they become serious, evaluating the state of your relationship can reveal underlying difficulties before they develop into big problems.
  • Strengthening Bonds: Bonds Can Be Strengthened By Understanding the Dynamics and Strengths of Your Relationship If you understand the dynamics and strengths of your relationship, you will be able to discover areas in which you and your spouse can grow closer to one another.
  • Gaining Clarity and Direction: A relationship evaluation can help you gain clarity about where you currently are as a couple and where you want to head in the future. It is helpful in setting goals and developing a road plan for a fulfilling future that we can experience together.

What Makes Us Stand Out is Our Unique Approach

Our marriage assessment service stands out by utilizing a comprehensive approach that goes beyond general evaluations. Unlike traditional assessments, we employ “The 8 Areas of Health of Marriage,” providing a nuanced understanding of various dimensions crucial to marital well-being. This tailored framework enables our experienced marriage coaches to delve deeper into specific aspects such as communication, intimacy, and conflict resolution. By focusing on these key areas, we ensure a more personalized and insightful analysis, empowering couples with targeted guidance for fostering a healthier and more fulfilling marriage.

The 8 areas of health of marriage

We meticulously evaluate eight crucial areas to determine the viability of your marriage, carefully examining whether it has the potential for salvage or has already traversed the difficult terrain of a relationship rift.

Commitment: Commitment in a marriage involves the level of dedication and devotion each partner brings to the relationship. It’s about asking whether both individuals are genuinely committed to making the marriage work, even in the face of challenges. Assessing commitment helps gauge the willingness of both partners to invest time, effort, and emotions into the marriage. It provides insights into the long-term viability of the relationship
Compatibility: Compatibility assesses how well partners can work together in harmony. It explores whether their personalities, values, and life goals align or if there are fundamental gaps that need attention. Understanding compatibility is essential for predicting how smoothly a couple can navigate life together. It sheds light on potential sources of conflict and areas where adjustments may be needed.
System: The “system” refers to the structure and dynamics within a relationship. This includes roles, decision-making processes, and the division of responsibilities between partners. Examining the relationship system provides insights into how well the couple collaborates, communicates, and shares responsibilities. A well-functioning system is crucial for maintaining harmony and fostering growth.
History: The History of a relationship reflects the journey a couple has taken together. It involves revisiting highs and lows, rehashing old arguments, and reflecting on major life events to gain perspective. Exploring the history of the relationship helps uncover patterns, understand resilience, and identify factors that contribute to the current dynamics within the marriage.
Communication: Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. It involves assessing how well partners communicate, feel heard and understood, and whether any barriers hinder honest and open conversation. Evaluating communication highlights areas for improvement, enabling couples to enhance their ability to express thoughts, feelings, and needs effectively.
Understanding Yourself: Before understanding a partner, it’s crucial to have self-awareness. This involves testing emotional intelligence and awareness of personal wants, desires, and triggers within the context of the relationship. Self-awareness contributes to healthier communication and conflict resolution. It empowers individuals to bring a more grounded and informed self to the marriage.
Understanding Your Partner: This area delves into the capacity to empathize with a spouse, genuinely understand their perspective, requirements, and feelings. It emphasizes making a meaningful connection through improved communication. Assessing understanding of the partner fosters empathy and mutual comprehension, strengthening the emotional connection within the marriage.
Chemistry: Chemistry is the invisible yet vital factor that sparks and maintains the romantic aspect of a relationship. It includes both physical attraction and emotional connection. Evaluating chemistry helps gauge the level of passion and connection between partners, contributing to the overall vibrancy and satisfaction within the marriage.

Marriage Assessment is your vital first step.

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What You Can Do After the Assessment?

After you have evaluated your partnership in these eight important areas, the next stages will become more obvious to you:

  • Define Precise Goals for Your Relationship. Based on the Results of the Assessment, Set Precise Goals for Your Relationship. You and your partner can work towards a healthier and happier partnership with the support of these goals.
  • Seek Assistance. If the evaluation shows severe problems, you should seriously consider receiving assistance from a professional, such as through couples counselling or therapy. These tools have the potential to offer direction and techniques for tackling more fundamental challenges.
  • Check-Ins on a frequent Basis. Make it a habit to evaluate your relationships on a frequent basis. As is the case with one’s physical health, regular monitoring can assist in the early detection and resolution of problems, so assuring the continued vitality and viability of a relationship.
  • Recognise and Honour Accomplishments. It is important to recognise and honour the accomplishments in your relationship that are highlighted favourably in the assessment. Your self-assurance and willingness to continue developing as a unit can both benefit from this.
  • Maintain Your Dedication. Maintaining your dedication to the process is essential. It is a never-ending journey that demands devotion from both partners in order to build a relationship that is healthy and strong.
We help couples identify and take an inventory of their individual strengths and understand how they complement or conflict with each other. We can help you understand how you and your spouse can work together to create and sustain a healthy and enriching marriage.

What you might face during the time of your marriage

Communication Breakdown
Trust Issues
Frequent Disagreement
Lack of Togetherness
Faded Intimacy

The risks of ignoring problems in your marriage

Ignoring problems in your marriage can lead to issues for yourself and the health of the individuals within the partnership. Failure to get the right support can leave you vulnerable to mental and physical risks which include:



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Coaching is different to therapy…​

Are your goals and those of the traditional therapist aligned?

The reality is that a professional therapist only earns income for as long as your ‘problem’ remains. They are financially incentivized for your issue to continue for as long as possible, often years. Therapy is perfect if you have complex psychological issues, addictions, very complex pasts to navigate. Coaching can be more suitable in having a programmatized approach to recovery.

No Guarantee of Results - Traditional therapy has no guarantee of success
Slow - Traditional therapy takes months, often years
Limited Technology - >80% therapist only have one expertise
Expensive - Average cost is $24,888.00 - $51,943.00
Not a Specialist - Not focused on teaching valuable skills.

What You Won’t Find:

  • No judgment or negativity about why such situations occur.
  • No fear-based tactics to motivate you; we believe in positive reinforcement.
  • No generic advice or theoretical knowledge; our program is tailored to your specific situation.

What You Will Find:

  • A proven plan that works.
  • Situation-specific guidance for real, tangible results.
  • Positive reinforcement to shift the power back into your hands.
  • The best part? You will be coached by an internationally acclaimed mentor, executive coach, certified trauma coach, and best-selling author. Over the past 12 years, more than 6,032 individual clients have benefited from their work, either through private coaching or as part of a group workshop

Designed with You in Mind

As a trauma specialist and relationship specialist, one of the breakthrough programs that we run is the award-winning Naked Divorce. We’ve had literally thousands of people participate in that program and in that program, we pinpoint at the exact moments in a relationship that are dangerous and can lead to divorce.

For SPARK, we reverse-engineered what we did in Naked Divorce, to build a formula for how to have a lasting and beautiful relationship and relationship. So in the SPARK relationship Program, we work over three months. We work with you, we work with your partner, and we work with the two of you together.
We go on a journey to implement this formula into your relationship. By the time you are done, you are in a powerful position to really understand what it takes to have a beautiful relationship and how to make that last long into the future.

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‟Marriage is a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do”

Barbara De Angelis

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