Does online therapy actually work?

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In today’s bustling society, online therapy is revolutionizing mental health today…

Our lives, in this modern age, are driven by technology. Whatever it is you want, there’s undoubtedly an app for it. They’re fast, convenient, and mostly affordable, but when it comes to mental health, people are a little more skeptical and rightly so.

Just like other industries, the mental health profession has had to evolve to keep up with technological trends and changing consumer behaviors. However, it is completely understandable for you to question whether online therapy is effective. You may be weighing up whether you should go see a therapist for in-person therapy, or if an online therapist could produce the same results.

Well, I am here to tell you the good news! Many online therapy programs are just as effective as in-person therapy if it’s tackled right. Of course, you must ensure that you are choosing the right online program for you, as there is a broad range of online therapies to choose from, including couples therapy and online marriage counseling to divorce therapy, grief management, behavioral therapy, and everything else in between.

If you want to make sure your online therapy works then you need to start with finding the right kind of therapy for your individual situation and needs.

Emotional Freedom Divorce program Naked DivorceThe pros of online therapy

Although it is a relatively new practice, online therapy has had time to settle in, adjust, and fix any kinks that it had when it was first introduced to the world. Now, most mental health professionals, licensed psychologists, and marriage counselors agree that it is a successful and effective way for many people to get the assistance that they need.

These are just some of the wonderful benefits you get when you seek out a therapist online. At Naked Recovery, our programs can be done in the comfort of your own home, with all the discretion and comfort associated with that. We believe that transformation that occurs within ones’ own environment will be deeper and lead to a more profound lasting effect as well.

It’s more affordable

Therapy certainly doesn’t come cheap and one of the biggest concerns when it comes to online therapy is that many insurance companies cover in-person therapy but won’t pay up for online programs. Since the pandemic, this model has completely changed and almost all Naked Recovery programs are now covered by insurance. Additionally if you don’t have insurance – that shouldn’t be something that puts you off, however, as affordable online therapy is a lot more common than you’d think.

What makes it even more affordable, if when you choose a program that runs within a specific timeframe. Traditional therapy can take anywhere from 8 months at a minimum to work, but normally takes years. Remember, mental health counselors, in the traditional setting, are making their money from your sessions and that means they benefit from you coming back for as long as possible. Programs within the Naked Recovery framework run for 4-5 months and if the results aren’t what you were looking for, then you’ll get your money back.

Therapy versus coaching

Coaching is not for everyone though – sometimes therapy is a better fit, so doing an initial assessment to see if the goal-oriented forward-focused nature of coaching is better, is worth checking out. Therapy is important for acute childhood issues and shadow work. Coaching is about building plans for the future and managing day-to-day triggers from trauma in a more resourced way.

It’s convenient

Let’s be honest here. We all have incredibly hectic lifestyles and while it’s not super healthy, it is just what modern life has prescribed. This means that taking a couple of hours out of your day to get to and from therapy on either side of a session can really throw your schedule out of whack. Online therapy has a whole range of options such as telemental health care via video chat, messages, phone calls, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Online therapy gives you the option to still attend essential mental health check-ins without having to take a huge chunk of time out of your day.

It’s accessible to everyone

On top of online therapy just being convenient for all involved, it is also accessible for those that usually wouldn’t be able to access traditional therapy. The broad range of options when it comes to accessing online therapy makes it the perfect choice for those people that are struggling with mental health, including anxiety and depression that live in remote areas and have no way to get to in-person therapy. This also extends to those living with physical limitations that may find it much harder to get to a session with mental health counselors, even if they are close by.

It can be more comfortable

Not everyone is comfortable talking to a stranger about their problems and can find in-person therapy quite intimidating. The integrity of the connection between therapist and client is essential to get the best out of the process and there was a concern that this connection would be impacted by doing it through a screen. However, it’s actually had an adverse effect, with many people and professionals seeing an improvement in genuine dialogue through online therapy. It seems screen time has actually made it easier for people to talk to their therapists without anxiety.

Online therapeutic coaching for trauma

I hope that I’ve given you some insight into how effective online therapy can be when it’s combined with the right program and the will and determination to heal. Naked Recovery programs use a coaching methodology and educate people in how to process the grief and trauma experienced during trauma. Provided the problem is not psychiatric or overly psychological in nature, the online coaching approach works very well. We know our limitations, so an assessment will tell you if our programs could be a good fit for what you desire. Our courses use a type of online therapy called coaching and are accessible from all over the world to people from all walks of life. Get in touch with us if you are ready to get onto the journey of healing and want to look forward to a bright, happy, and healthy future.

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