What therapies do we use inside Naked Recovery?

Good work men arrive with everything in their tool box. Similarly we use a wide range of techniques to produce the results we do…

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What is the Naked Recovery Therapeutic Framework?

Primarily Naked Recovery uses coaching techniques to help navigate the steps through emotional trauma. Whereas the team is trained in trauma treatments, we are COACHES and set goals with our clients and empower them to achieve them. We do not do psychotherapy or psychiatric support so if you are worried about your participation in our programs, do not participate. Please see our terms and conditions accordingly.

We utilize 43 different techniques adapted to coaching within the Naked Recovery series of programs which is endorsed by several psychiatrists and psychologists worldwide for the rigour of its design structure as well as it’s option to purchase 24/7 support if required. The framework used to tie all our programs together is known as Perturbation® – a breakthrough self-healing holistic framework in handling the impact of emotional traumas in an effective and time-efficient way. Some of the therapies used are developed by Adele Theron and are registered trademarks of Naked Recovery Global Ltd and Naked Recovery Ltd.

Coaching Techniques we use

Clinical Hypnotherapy through various audio programmes created which support the emotional recovery programs
Cognitive Processing Therapy adapted for coaching
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Techniques in one-to-one or online coaching
The Worry Buster® developed by Richard Bandler
Family Mediation Techniques
Timeline Therapy developed by Tad James
7 NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Master Practitioner Techniques
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Grounded Routine Techniques and resourcing tecniques adapted from Somatic Trauma Processing
Reframing Methods
Working with STEATS® (Short Term Emotion Avoidance Tactics)
TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) trained by David Berceli adapted for coaching
The Naked Recovery Anger Management ® Techniques
Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques
CBT Enhanced Reliving Method adapted for coaching
The Vow Break®
The Trauma Diet®
The Impact Analysis model developed by Werner Erhardt
The John Demartini Breakthrough Method
Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages
The Imago Therapy Fuser-Isolator Model developed by Harville Hendriks
Codependency and Attachment trauma models
Addiction and the 12 steps model adapted for coaching
Relationship Baggage Buster®
The Naked Recovery Principles of Keeping Love Alive®
The relationship Polarity model of balancing masculine and feminine developed by David Deida
Child Needs Analysis and Parenting Plans developed by various child psychologists cited in the work
Fundamentals of Emotionally Honest Communication and Non-Violent Communication methodologies
Somatic Processing by Pat Ogden, Babette Rothschild and Peter Levine
Family Trauma Therapies adapted for coaching
The Tantrum Hoffman Process for Anger Management
Boundary Setting and Values Analysis
Anthony Robbins’ 5 R’s of suppression in relationships
Karpman’s Drama Triangle
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy exercises for processing strong emotions adapted for coaching
Emotional Release (ER) Techniques adapted for coaching
Executive Coaching
Negotiation Techniques taught by William Ury
Dispute Resolution Processing
Parenting Plan Contract Negotiation

Perturbation® Framework

The Perturbation® Framework ties everything together. Adele created the Perturbation® Framework after studying renowned trauma techniques developed over 100 years as well as studying everything developed by Ilya Prigogine, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1977. He is widely regarded as the Isaac Newton of our time. In his work, Prigogine studied how organisms behave and transform when put under pressure which gives us some insights into how human beings transform under pressure. Through research, the Naked Recovery team arrived at a 3-step approach for dealing with chaos and change in applying the scientific theories to practice in the corporate world. The same principles have been expanded into handling divorce, redundancies and can be used in coping with illness, death and mild PTSD. The Perturbation® Framework is the reason our programs can operate successfully with very little therapeutic interaction. Adele created this framework after supporting thousands of people through their trauma either directly, in groups or using her online programs. Adele is currently working on her MSc and PsyD at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom looking into the case studies supporting the power of this holistic framework making it possible for people to heal themselves from trauma.

Naked Recovery provides real-time rapid solutions to the life crises which develop out of trauma. Our Solutions include real-time online programs, rapid transformation retreats and real-time online coaching programs various life traumas. Our mission is to revolutionise the time-to-heal from emotional traumas to empower everyone to move forward faster. We achieve this by providing effective transformational programs with around-the-clock therapeutic support on tap. We are known for leaving our customers released from their suffering so they are free to begin living their new lives.

“If You Don't Heal What Hurt You, You'll Bleed on People Who Didn't Cut You.”


Endorsed by 20 experts globally

Dr Billing, Trauma Specialist, UCL, UK
Dr Lee, Berkshire Trauma Service, UK
Dr Pezzin, Industrial Psychologist, LA, USA
Dr Sahin, Psychiatrist, Royal Derby Hospital, UK
Dr Aik, Clinical Psychologist, Plymouth, UK
Dr Morgan, General Medical Practitioner, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sinta Ebersohn, Founder Fair Divorce
Naim, Cooperative Family Lawyer
Suzy Miller, Founder Alternative Divorce
Dr Soila Sindiyo, Child Trauma Psychologist, London, UK
Nea Clark, Psychotherapist, London, UK
Brooke Kennedy, Trauma Psychologist, USA
Cecile Font, Psychotherapist, Avignon, France
Cheryl Sheriff, Nurse at Ideal Birth, Brisbane, Australia
Dr Valerie Sher, Clinical Psychologist, San Francisco
Janine Copeland, Psychotherapist, Canada
Annie Kendall, Founder Hello Mojo Divorce Apps and Magazine, Australia
Andrew Ellis, Founder Divorced Parents Magazine
Dr Michelle Nentwig, Medical Doctor Kansas City

Trauma can be transformational. Even empowering...

Hear how hundreds of people have completely recovered using Naked Recovery…

Clearing Away All The Old Crap

I got SO much out of it. It enabled me to explore the past in a gentle, effective way and to start to lay old negative patterns and beliefs to rest.

It was like clearing away all the old crap that was in my way.

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Jo Dale

Love this effective program!

This program went right to the heart of the matter from many different approaches. My goal was to not hurt any longer than necessary and to heal more quickly

The daily assignments provided something to work on every day and it focused me with supportive coaching.

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Teresa K

Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

The money spent was the best investment I’ve ever made on myself and I’d recommend the course to anyone that finds themselves in the same situation I was in.

The coach was ultra supportive and knew her stuff. Its been over a week since I completed the course and I’m just so looking forward to the new life I’ve started building for myself.

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A Lifeline for Our Love: The Power of Spark

I LOVE SPARK. It saved my relationship 100%. We threw ourselves into the course and it really worked for us!

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Reclaiming Our Love: A Journey of Healing

Witness the transformation as trauma recovery and Spark program reignite our love and forge a brand new chapter in our marriage.

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D & S

Rebuilding Our Marriage: A Life-Changing Journey

We had literally filed for divorce before starting Spark. It was a last-ditch attempt to save our marriage. Our first session we weren’t even talking to each other… Fast forward 4 months and Adele’s work literally help us to rebuild our relationship from scratch. I could not be more grateful and cannot recommend this program highly enough.

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D & K

All our programs are results-driven​

We are obsessed with performance. To make sure we continue to be the best in the industry, we measure everything









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All Naked Recovery coaching programs are powerful in enabling you to reach clarity on your next steps and support you to initiate, implement and integrate the change into your life. We deliver amazing breakthrough results for 97% of our participants. All programs are, not just from our customers, but also from the press, leading psychologists, psychiatrists and practitioners worldwide. The programs have been featured on Sky News, BBC Breakfast, Marie Claire, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and many many many others…

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Healing Journey

There are seven emotional steps to a full recovery following trauma. All Naked Recovery programs help to move you through each of these phases. 

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