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Embark on a transformative journey with our intensive private marriage retreat, designed to reignite the spark and overcome challenges.

Our exclusive retreat offers hope and the opportunity to reclaim the powerful connection you crave, making way for a renewed and vibrant relationship. Join us in rediscovering the joy of lasting love.

Are you ready to take a step toward connection, intimacy and a joyful relationship?

The Naked Marriage Retreat offers a private and intensive program tailored for couples facing challenging situations.

The 10-day retreat efficiently covers almost all stages of The Spark Marriage Program helping you save time while addressing key aspects of your relationship. You can engage with a licensed Marriage Coach at a luxurious resort of your choice, dedicating time away from daily life for a transformative experience in your marriage. Collaborate with an expert coach with 14 years of experience to establish lasting solutions benefiting both partners.

  • You have the flexibility to choose the resort for your retreat or receive recommendations based on your preferences.
  • The resort environment provides a dedicated space for focusing on your relationship, away from daily commitments and stressors.
  • Schedule your retreat at your convenience, whether it’s next week or next month, (subject to availability).
  • Each retreat is uniquely designed to address your specific needs and goals.

Many couples entering our marriage therapy retreat contemplated ending their marriage, but found workable solutions and a more positive future. The impact of the retreat on their relationship, understanding of each other, and communication skills was deemed well worth the time, effort, and investment.

This intensive marriage retreat is ideal for couples seeking to stay together while grappling with challenges such as infidelity, affairs, trauma, dysfunctional communication, abuse history, trust issues, sex/intimacy issues, financial struggles, and substance abuse.

The Naked Marriage Retreat will:

  • Create an intensive couples therapy retreat tailor-made for just the two of you
  • Help you establish workable objectives and strategies to meet your desired goal
  • Provide daily individual & couples therapy sessions
  • Foster improved communication, relational skills and trust
  • Allows you free time to take what you’ve learned and apply it
  • Equip you with the tools to move forward in your lives
  • Employ the latest leading-edge theories in couple/marriage therapy

Why the Marriage Retreat?

It’s undeniable that the results achieved on our Retreats are vastly superior. Here’s why…

There are three (3) magic ingredients of our Marriage Retreat:


A 10 days retreat, covering almost all of the stages of The Spark Marriage Program

Personal Coaching

Every couple is unique, and our approach is personalized to meet your specific needs and goals.


Getting out of your normal environment means that you can focus on your healing in a way you cannot do at home. We choose beautiful location to run our retreats.

New Zealand : The Land of Enchantment

Our retreat location in New Zealand opens doors to unforgettable experiences and transformative moments. Let the magic of this extraordinary land envelop you as you embark on a retreat like no other.

In this peaceful sanctuary, serenity is not just a concept, but a way of life. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle and surrender to the tranquility that permeates every corner of New Zealand. Here, safety and a warm welcome are second nature, as the locals embrace you as one of their own.

Wellness is at the heart of New Zealand’s ethos, and here you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Indulge in yoga sessions amidst breathtaking vistas, finding inner peace as you synchronize your breath with the rhythm of nature. Pamper yourself with spa treatments and savor organic cuisine that nourishes both body and spirit.

What Problems Can a Marriage Retreat Help Solve?

Every couple has unique ways of connecting and facing challenges in their relationship. We’ve worked with couples dealing with various issues and found that, no matter how severe, resolution is possible when both partners approach it with a solution-focused mindset and are committed to putting in the effort.

Here are some problems that can be effectively and efficiently addressed during a marriage retreat, as opposed to traditional weekly counseling sessions:

  • Considering divorce: Many couples attending a retreat have been distressed for a while, with thoughts of divorce looming. Weekly therapy may not provide sufficient time or depth to tackle the core issues causing resentment and distrust. A retreat offers a supportive environment for couples to delve into the aspects of their relationship causing suffering, transforming distrust into effective communication, and restoring faith in each other.
  • Dealing with an affair: Couples often seek a retreat after discovering infidelity or an unhealed past affair. Betrayal through an affair can severely damage trust and safety in a relationship. A retreat allows each partner to share their perspective, explore the emotional impact of the affair, and take steps to rebuild trust and move forward.
  • Issues with emotional and sexual intimacy: Over time, poor communication and unresolved relationship wounds can erode intimacy. Distress over the lack of connection may lead to complacency. A retreat provides couples with the opportunity to heal old wounds, rebuild trust and intimacy, and learn tools to navigate future issues, preventing a negative cycle.
  • Empty nest syndrome or feeling like roommates: Long-term relationships can lead to partners taking each other for granted, especially when external stressors like work and children come into play. A retreat helps couples rediscover the reasons they are together, rekindling lost passion and establishing a renewed sense of connection with a solution-focused approach.
  • Mid-life crisis or major life changes: A mid-life crisis or significant life changes can cause turmoil in a relationship as partners reassess their connection and life’s meaning. A retreat allows couples to analyze the confusion and disconnection resulting from major life changes, develop coping skills, and reaffirm their commitment to building their relationship.
  • Pre-marital issues or fine-tuning your connection: Falling in love is easy, but maintaining a strong connection requires emotional intelligence and effective communication skills. Couples attending a pre-marital retreat can address potential issues before they become significant problems, ensuring their relationship stays on track.

Results you can expect from Marriage Retreat

Better Communication

Acquire the abilities to navigate challenging circumstances while maintaining connections.

Stronger Bond

Develop a stronger sense of trust and connection with your partner.

Enhanced Clarity

A heightened sense of purpose and direction in your relationship.

Just a few of our testimonials

Rebuilding Our Marriage: A Life-Changing Journey

We had literally filed for divorce before starting Spark. It was a last-ditch attempt to save our marriage. Our first session we weren’t even talking to each other… Fast forward 4 months and Adele’s work literally help us to rebuild our relationship from scratch. I could not be more grateful and cannot recommend this program highly enough.

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D & K

A Lifeline for Our Love: The Power of Spark

I LOVE SPARK. It saved my relationship 100%. We threw ourselves into the course and it really worked for us!

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Reclaiming Our Love: A Journey of Healing

Witness the transformation as trauma recovery and Spark program reignite our love and forge a brand new chapter in our marriage.

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D & S

The risks of ignoring problems in your marriage

Ignoring problems in your marriage can lead to issues for yourself and the health of the individuals within the partnership. Failure to get the right support can leave you vulnerable to mental and physical risks which include:



Data: Web MD study conducted in 2019 – check statistics here:



Data: National Center for Biotechnology Information



Data: Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

In just 10 days, immerse yourself in the comprehensive curriculum of the SPARK Program during our Marriage Retreat. This intensive yet enjoyable experience promises relaxation and effective resolution of your marital challenges.

Here’s the Game Plan!

The Naked Marriage SPARK Program too is a comprehensive solution designed to help couples to learn necessary skills to proactively heal their marriage and rebuild it from the ground up. Developed by Divorce expert Adèle Théron, it is not only based on personal experience and the success of thousands of others, this program has reverse-engineered the award-winning Naked Divorce program to spell out exactly what couples need to do to yank their relationship back from the relationship rift. The program incorporates some of the most cutting edge techniques and skills known to marriage transformation:

We begin by clarifying the state of the relationship and set goals for the relationship.
Next up we focus on setting the rules of the program and everyone signs a contract to commit for the duration.
Here we set up the context of the relationship including the environment and structure of a great relationship.
During this phase you learn about yourself and your partner, do personality tests, personas, cover the human needs, fuser-isolator dynamic, love languages and relationship covenant.
This is a very important module covering the bases of NVC and emotionally honest communication formulas.
This is all about fixing areas and getting closure on areas where past hurts remain.
Creating a new relationship contract for the future with new agreements which set the tone to reach the relationship goals.
The art of balancing masculine and feminine polarities, learning the art of influence and emotional closeness.
Flirting, intimacy and rebuilding connection and physicality within a relationship built to last long term. Learn all the principles of desire and passionate marriage.
Building a structure which lasts and moving into maintenance on the program so you complete and automate your next steps independently.

Coaching can be 200% faster than traditional therapy

Marriage recovery and re-creation measured in weeks, not years

Perturbation Framework*

*The Perturbation framework is a coaching methodology and a modern holistic alternative to traditional therapy. It’s used in all Naked Marriage programs. Book a Clarity call to see if coaching is a fit to save your marriage.

Traditional therapy is best suited for extreme traumatic response. The duration estimates are based on interviews with 12 leading psychotherapists
* Results are guaranteed
** Based on feedback from the Naked Marriage programs. Naked Marriage coaching programs are suited to people who want to get back to their lives using a proven education-based trauma recovery methodology.

We measure and value our success rates

*Results are measured at the start of our programs, at the end and finally 6 months later.













We guarantee our Results

Emotions at the end of Naked Marriage Programs

Naked Marriage as a Professional Service









"A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences."

Author Dave Meuer

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