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Is your love story feeling stuck or facing challenges that seem overwhelming?

If the therapy process feels elusive and you’re yearning for impactful change, then it’s time to take proactive action to reignite the flame.

Welcome to the Naked Marriage SPARK program, where we not only save relationships but empower couples to revitalize their connection and rediscover the joy of shared intimacy.

The Benefits of The Naked Marriage SPARK Program

Specialist in Marriage Recovery

You’re guided by a Certified Clinical Marriage Coach and specialists in what we do.

Personal Coaching

One size does not fit all. Every couple is unique, and our approach is personalized to meet your specific needs and goals.

Structured Approach

You’ll be guided through holistic plan covering diet, routine, fitness, health & spirituality.

Recover or Your Money Back

Save your marriage or get your money back! (we’ve never had 1 person claim this offer!)

Risk free

7-day trial : your refund is hassle-free — no questions, no complications.

Reputation Built on Discretion

We’ve worked with celebrities, royal family, presidents, but can’t say whom they are!

The Naked Marriage SPARK Coaching Program: Revitalize, Reconnect, Rekindle

Are you ready to improve your relationship or save your marriage but not sure where to start?

Do you want to make your relationship EVEN BETTER?

Are you having difficulties:

  • Connecting and feeling close to your partner?
  • Having a playful, light relationship full of joy?
  • Sharing the day-to-day load fairly?
  • Communicating effectively?
  • Trusting your partner?
  • Letting go of past issues and moving on from them?
  • Making things happen in the bedroom and having a healthy dose of intimacy?
  • Getting intimacy flowing?
  • Spicing things up in the bedroom, and not sure where to start?

This comprehensive program combines research-based coaching, valuable insights, and practical tasks to help you acquire new skills. This program will cover it all!

The SPARK Program

Learn to enhance lifelong connection through improved communication, lifelong teamwork, fair responsibility sharing, effective handling of pain and hurt, and deepening intimate bonds.

Gain crucial lessons for navigating any couple’s challenges effectively.

Get Results for Both Short-Term Relief and Long-Term Change in Your Marriage


Increased Confidence and a Greater Understanding of Yourself and Your Partner

Overcoming past challenges can be daunting, especially when it shakes your confidence. If you’re standing in front of the mirror, uncertain about who you’ve become, SPARK Marriage Coaching Program is your guide to rebuilding confidence and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner. This boost in confidence will empower you to navigate towards the fulfilling life and marriage you desire.


A More Powerful and Resilient Mindset

Your thoughts shape your reality. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to proactively reshape your mindset for transformative and positive changes within the context of your marriage. With SPARK Marriage Coaching Program, you gain access to a comprehensive toolkit designed to cultivate a powerful mindset, fostering immediate and lasting transformations. Embrace these thought-shaping tools, allowing them to infuse vitality into your relationship, and observe the tangible and enduring positive changes that unfold over time.


A Game Plan That Works for You

Most people wouldn’t think twice about getting a fitness plan or a financial plan and yet when it comes to marriage…

It’s time for you to have a marriage plan that works for you. It’s time for you to have a plan that doesn’t address one area of your marriage but all areas. You need a plan that incorporates proven strategies with what makes your relationship unique.

Why continue to react to your lives and each other when you could be proactive together?

With the SPARK Marriage Coaching program, you and your partner will be able to:

  • Create a deeper connection, fostering emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Communicate more effectively, enhancing understanding and closeness
  • Feel empowered in your marriage, embracing a sense of shared strength
  • Work mutually toward your goals, building a future together
  • Carve out time to talk meaningfully, promoting open dialogue and connection
  • Reduce conflict and relational stress, cultivating a harmonious partnership
  • Change and grow together, embracing positive transformation as a couple

Get ready to put in the work, make progress toward your goals, and watch your relationship not only evolve but also experience a heightened sense of emotional and sexual intimacy.

The SPARK Marriage Coaching Program Game Plan

The Naked Marriage SPARK Program to is a comprehensive solution designed to help couples to learn necessary skills to proactively heal their marriage and rebuild it from the ground up. Developed by Divorce expert Adèle Théron, it is not only based on personal experience and the success of thousands of others, this program has reverse-engineered the award-winning Naked Divorce program to spell out exactly what couples need to do to yank their relationship back from the relationship rift. The program incorporates some of the most cutting edge techniques and skills known to marriage transformation.

Here are the steps of the SPARK Coaching Program:

We begin by clarifying the state of the relationship and set goals for the relationship.

Next up we focus on setting the rules of the program and everyone signs a contract to commit for the duration.
Here we set up the context of the relationship including the environment and structure of a great relationship.
During this phase you learn about yourself and your partner, do personality tests, personas, cover the human needs, fuser-isolator dynamic, love languages and relationship covenant.
This is a very important module covering the bases of NVC and emotionally honest communication formulas.
This is all about fixing areas and getting closure on areas where past hurts remain.
Creating a new relationship contract for the future with new agreements which set the tone to reach the relationship goals.
The art of balancing masculine and feminine polarities, learning the art of influence and emotional closeness.
Flirting, intimacy and rebuilding connection and physicality within a relationship built to last long term. Learn all the principles of desire and passionate marriage.
Building a structure which lasts and moving into maintenance on the program so you complete and automate your next steps independently.

Just a few of our testimonials

Rebuilding Our Marriage: A Life-Changing Journey

We had literally filed for divorce before starting Spark. It was a last-ditch attempt to save our marriage. Our first session we weren’t even talking to each other… Fast forward 4 months and Adele’s work literally help us to rebuild our relationship from scratch. I could not be more grateful and cannot recommend this program highly enough.

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D & K

A Lifeline for Our Love: The Power of Spark

I LOVE SPARK. It saved my relationship 100%. We threw ourselves into the course and it really worked for us!

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Reclaiming Our Love: A Journey of Healing

Witness the transformation as trauma recovery and Spark program reignite our love and forge a brand new chapter in our marriage.

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D & S

Why Choose The Naked Marriage SPARK Coaching Program?

We Have a More Effective Method

What You Won’t Find:

  • No judgment or negativity about why such situations occur.
  • No fear-based tactics to motivate you; we believe in positive reinforcement.
  • No generic advice or theoretical knowledge; our program is tailored to your specific situation.

What You Will Find:

  • A proven plan that works.
  • Situation-specific guidance for real, tangible results.
  • Positive reinforcement to shift the power back into your hands.
  • The best part? You will be coached by an internationally acclaimed mentor, executive coach, certified trauma coach, and best-selling author. Over the past 12 years, more than 6,032 individual clients have benefited from their work, either through private coaching or as part of a group workshop

Our Approach:

Unlike conventional counseling or therapy, our experts focus exclusively on relationships. We blend evidence-based therapeutic strategies with dynamic marriage coaching modalities, creating a tailored approach that addresses the unique dynamics of each couple. We follow a curriculum that increases the positive aspects of your relationship while decreasing the negative ones.

So basically, we increase the positive stuff and decrease the negative stuff, and our coaching will teach you each of these topics within this formula in a kind of curriculum. We believe the context is decisive, so we start with shifting the environment of the relationship to being something that is more positive before we tackle anything too painful. This is key to producing the stamina needed to hold the course.

What Sets Us Apart?

We think it’s important to have constructive and pragmatic tools you can both use to move your relationship to a great place. You will find that our work very differently to most therapists as we believe that a successful relationship is based on a formula and we teach this formula to all of our clients. We work like a coach and we lead sessions in very proactive way with clear topics. Our approach is not at all like talking therapy where the therapist largely says very little and the couple figure out the direction they want to go. We lead and have a very clear path as we figure that someone in the equation needs to mediate everyone else out of where they are at. Our marriage coaching approach is very goal-oriented and each session covers specific topics so we can teach you both the principles to reset the context of your relationship.

Think of our program for marriage coaching as your own personal Relationship University. You will go on an educational adventure with each session, learning new and transforming techniques and skills. We’ll explain our comparison to a university so you won’t wonder why.

Our curriculum is intended to be a learning environment where you can acquire important knowledge and skills, much like a university. Here, your relationship is the topic, and the teachings are how to take care of and build upon it. This comparison may seem strange to you given the circumstances of your life, yet it accurately captures what you will go through.

Furthermore, your active participation is essential to the success of our program, just as your commitment and effort in your studies define your success at a university. It’s not a passive experience; rather, it’s a chance for you and your partner to fully participate, put what you learn into practice, and make an investment in the development of your relationship.

Get started…

There are three steps to start the SPARK Program…

#1 Book a FREE Clarity Call

#2 Do a Marriage Assessment

#3 Enroll the SPARK Coaching Program

Book a Clarity Call

Coaching is different to therapy…​

Are your goals and those of the traditional therapist aligned?

The reality is that a professional therapist only earns income for as long as your ‘problem’ remains. They are financially incentivized for your issue to continue for as long as possible, often years. Therapy is perfect if you have complex psychological issues, addictions, very complex pasts to navigate. Coaching can be more suitable in having a programmatized approach to recovery. The problems with traditional relationship therapy are:

No Guarantee of Results - Traditional therapy has no guarantee of success
Slow - Traditional therapy takes months, often years
Limited Technology - >80% therapist only have one expertise
Expensive - Average cost is $24,888.00 - $51,943.00
Not a Specialist - Not focused on teaching valuable skills.

Coaching can be 200% faster than traditional therapy

Marriage recovery and re-creation measured in weeks, not years

Perturbation Framework*

*The Perturbation framework is a coaching methodology and a modern holistic alternative to traditional therapy. It’s used in all Naked Marriage programs. Book a Clarity call to see if coaching is a fit to save your marriage.

Traditional therapy is best suited for extreme traumatic response. The duration estimates are based on interviews with 12 leading psychotherapists
* Results are guaranteed
** Based on feedback from the Naked Marriage programs. Naked Marriage coaching programs are suited to people who want to get back to their lives using a proven education-based trauma recovery methodology.

We measure and value our success rates

*Results are measured at the start of our programs, at the end and finally 6 months later.













Rekindle the fire,

Embrace a love that never fades.

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"In every relationship, there comes a time when the fire needs to be rekindled. It's not about finding someone new; it's about reigniting the flame with the one you chose."

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