“This information has changed my world”

I wanted to send you an email to thank you for help and support during the time that has rocked my world more than I could have ever imagined:( I knew it would hurt and cause turmoil but the emotions, heartache and pain I experience right down to the bone is something I never could have prepared myself for.
Your videos and informative emails from handling emotions right down to the vitamins that are beneficial to the body during this time have really helped me and quite often I will fall asleep listening to Adele. Not only are the videos strengthening to my soul, Adele’s voice is comforting knowing She too has endured the pain and come out on top.
One of the most powerful lessons I have learnt through discovering The Naked Divorce, is huge to me.
That all too common saying; Time heals. Adele has taught me time does not heal , it’s what is done in that time, how time is used as a tool that heals.A writer and small business owner, this information has changed my world. I have taken a break from working in manuscripts and embarked on writing a divorce journal for myself or perhaps even one day self publish on Kindle. Even if one lady in pain reads it, and I helped in some way, it was worth it. I have started a Business course to help me better understand being self employed so I can flourish, despite the pain I’m experiencing.Thank you again,

Em, writer and small business owner
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