“I felt very held and safe”

When I began the program, I was enveloped in grief and just feeling so low and unable to move forward in life. I kept wanting to badger my ex with questions and kept on needing to find answers. Plus, I also was fixated on his new woman!

It took me a few days to realize the coaching was so essential. I had a couple of alcoholic drinks within the first few days of the programme, thinking it wouldn’t matter, but after the integrity piece, it really pulled me into line and I loved the cocoon phase to set my home space up nurturingly. I felt very held and safe.

I highly recommend the Naked Divorce programme if you want to get over your ex way quicker than to suffer for months and even years. You really need to educate yourself about why your relationship ended and how you can take care of yourself for the future and why relationships work the way they do. This programme helps you to get real and take responsibility for yourself and what you want for your future. I felt so held in the programme and it was so honouring of my pain and heartache and that it was actually ok to be hurting that badly. Your own lightbulbs will drift to the surface and you will get some fascinating insights as to why you attracted who you did in your ex. It helped me put all the pieces of the jigsaw of the ending into place to enable me to move on healthily.

Sarah Smyth
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