“I felt that she really did “get” me”

Before finding the naked divorce, I was struggling to keep everything together and to cope with my confused feelings about my husband and what had happened. I had relied on my family and friends. The failure of counselling to help the situation before the break up made me reluctant to go that route again. I felt embarrassed by the failure of my marriage and didn’t want to have to lay out the whole story again. When I started on the naked divorce, it was incredible and gave me a more concrete plan for getting through the horrible divorce process and it gave me hope that I can find a happy place where I can truly be me and be loved and cherished.What I LOVED was being able to talk on Skype from home and the whole process being so private and confidential. I found it really effective for my circumstances. I completely recommend the naked divorce instead of therapy as after my first conversation with Adele I felt that she really did “get” me – in less than 10 minutes – my fears of having to spend hours rehashing the horrible history were erased and I found the practical, process-based approach really appealing. Coaching is such a good way to describe this process. There is encouragment and honesty and direction in the sessions, there is the requirement to do some hard emotional work yourself and I certainly felt that Adele really wants me to succeed in getting through the mess and finding my happy place on the other side. I am a different human being now. I am powerful and at peace walking gracefully through my divorce!

Rosie, Actuary, 40
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