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There is beauty in trauma recovery...

It’s time to get back to get back to basics and get over whatever ails you and has traumatised you. Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to admit that something is wrong. So if you find yourself keeping up appearances and maintaining a facade, I know exactly how exhausting and lonely that place can be. And other people knowing you need help can sometimes feel worse than actually not getting that help that you need but I can tell you from experience that there really is beauty in the recovery process. There is beauty in facing the truth of the situation. That truth will set you free and it will give you new openings to new possibilities…”

Adele Theron - Divorce Coach

Hi there…

My name is Adèle and I am an internationally acclaimed mentor and executive coach, certified trauma coach and best-selling author. Over 6032 individual clients over 12 years have benefited from my work as a private coach or as part of a group workshop. At the same time, I have worked with large organisations and corporations to help manoeuvre them through mergers and acquisitions, often across international borders.

How do I work?

Whether it is a person facing the end of their marriage or the chaos that comes from the closure of a factory, I believe in the personal touch, helping people with whatever issue they are facing and on any scale. My corporate experience has allowed me to focus on measurable and results-driven timelines which I bring to all of my coaching and mentorship programs. Using a project management approach which aims to create goals and hit targets quicker and more efficiently, I acknowledge that every problem is unique to the individual going through it, and adapt my programs and approach accordingly.

My own journey has seen me live and work on multiple continents. I have homes in the United Kingdom and New Zealand and have lived and worked in over 90 countries worldwide. It is the combination of my understanding of different cultures, my experience in working within so many situations, along with my expertise in engineering solutions for multi-nationals, which has honed a rather unique set of skills to offer bespoke coaching programs aimed not just at managing change, but at embracing transformation.

I help my clients navigate life’s obstacles and heartaches, whether it be facing a divorce or death in the family, moving countries or switching jobs, coping with illnesses or facing a mid-life crisis, often working with clients over a period of time, guiding them through multiple hurdles. I understand when a client requires an outside perspective to forensically analyse their problems, while at the same time I bring empathy to the table when it is time to sit down and help negotiate a heartbreaking settlement or separation.

My aim is to find a seamless and drama-free solution to disputes and dilemmas, starting with identifying the root of the problem itself. Once identified, I design a pathway to not only help clients steer their way out of trouble, but also forge a better path for their future.

My approach to trauma is to educate and teach skills which empower people to own their own healing journey. My techniques are created with the deep understanding of the complexities and emotional confusion that often come with such life events. As a trained and professional outsider, I bring clarity and understanding to what can often be an entangled situation requiring daunting decisions. I help all my clients face each and every decision head on, coaching them how to navigate their path, while at the same time creating a solid support structure which grounds them along their journey. My roles vary throughout the process, ranging from coach, mentor, guide and therapist to cheerleader and sometimes tough task master, a service I sometimes extend to other members of the family, such as children, who may be affected.

"At Naked Recovery we jump into the trenches with you and we use a educational coaching approach to empower you to take charge of your healing journey. You're not gonna get any lofty, academic mumbo jumbo from any of us"

Adèle Théron

Who do I work with?Divorce Coaching by Naked Recovery

My clients are often high-powered individuals with complex and intensely busy lives who simply do not have the time to go through years of counselling. I believe time is our most precious commodity so I’m pretty pragmatic and solutions-focused to help my clients quickly adapt to change, while at the same time encouraging them to experience and embrace great transformation. I believe in embracing the pivot as this can be deeply profound and life changing.

Clients include people from all walks of life and include but are not limited to CEOs, Executive managers, Vice Presidents, business owners, busy mums, professionals, film directors, business analysts, psychologists, psychiatrists, SMEs, investment bankers, fund managers, project managers, legal directors, product managers, taxi drivers, expats, doctors, art directors, politicians, celebrities, actors, corporate trainers and police men and women, etc.

What all these people have in common is a strong commitment to getting unstuck and being willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. With commitment and focus, results are almost guaranteed.

I work one-on-one and provide guidance for clients world-wide. My programs are educational in nature and designed for individuals with high pressure demands in their lives, and are therefore both flexible and tailored. With technology, this personalised approach can seamlessly fit into a busy clients’ schedule, ensuring minimum disruption to their daily lives, while offering them tools, a support system, guidance and often leadership in facing and overcoming multiple challenges. I work around the clock to support my clients and this level of intensity means I can only work with a set number of people at any given time. All my recovery and discovery programs are dedicated to helping individuals navigate life changes effortlessly so that they can move forward with their best lives.

My mission is to help men and women to navigate traumatic journeys in an effortless way, as well as helping them harness the chaos of trauma to become a catalyst for life transformation"

Adèle Théron

My Approach

Although I am trauma-informed and trained, I work as a forensic coach. I am not a traditional talking therapist having a chat once-a-week-for-an-hour. At Naked Recovery we analyse the problems our clients present and support them to create powerful lives moving forward. We climb into the trenches with people and work with them until all problems are solved, returning them to empowerment and clarity once more. Before we work with people, we conduct a deep assessment to see if trauma coaching is the right fit for them as in some cases a more psychological approach is better. If so, we have trained professionals we can refer people to as we focus on future-based strategies for trauma recovery versus spending too much time reliving trauma.

“I don’t believe in sitting around simply asking clients how they feel. Feelings do matter but time is precious and people are smart expecting a plan from a trained professional. In a crisis, if everyone knew what to do, they would do it. What is needed in a crisis is pro-activity, project management, TOTAL care and clear leadership from their coach, working alongside clients to help them reach their goals. My programs are built to educate and teach skills so the clients are empowered to plan and take charge of their own healing journey. This is how I work.”

If I take on a client, I am ALL IN and won’t stop till we found the solutions to the problems they are facing. As a result, I can only take on a certain number of clients at any given time and have a waiting list. 

Working with me DOES come with a warning: you won’t like my approach if you don’t like homework, aren’t willing to do the work or go to a forensic level of detail in your life. The devil is in the detail with problem solving as often the source of the issues lies hidden from your view…”

Traumatic events can produce a cognitive dissonance within us whereby we shift our core values, selves and mechanisms for how we see the world. When traumatised we can start to develop very sophisticated techniques to survive and those coping mechanisms often become the REAL issue in recovery. Often people shame themselves for their coping mechanisms when they exist purely to help us get to safety and to survive. At Naked Recovery we teach compassionate resilience as our cornerstone of stabilization and resourcing before we do ANY work project managing the triggers we want to cope with better. This approach melts shame, builds resilience and wisdom leading to empowerment of our clients who then heal themselves. The Perturbation trauma methodology is designed to empower clients to heal themselves from trauma.

I initially created Naked Recovery to help myself…

I created this company initially to help myself heal. Then my friends and family started to use my approaches and programs and next thing, my notes became my first book. which became an Amazon Bestseller.

Suddenly I was thrust into this limelight of interviews and television and radio. My first program which helped people overcome divorce then led to further programs being developed and fast-forward to today, thousands of people have completed that very first program called Naked Divorce and our success has been published in over 80 publications globally with awards associated with that.

I went back to university and I got qualified as a Trauma Recovery Therapist and I wrote programs for the rapid recovery from all kinds of trauma. I also developed a marriage program to stop people from crossing the threshold into divorce.

In creating all these other coaching programs and retreats, we focused on the recovery of divorce, from infidelity trauma in marriages, from stopping people from getting divorced and then things that happen in relationships in life like birth traumasbankruptciesredundancieshealth and midlife crises.”

I now run my trauma coaching and life transformation retreats and coaching programs all over the world. Trauma coaching really is what I was born to do. I feel incredibly privileged to do this work.


I like to be active: motorcycling, weight training, hiking, squash, cricket, scuba diving, walking or running with my beloved beagle Mogwai, skiing, running, swimming, and the occasional triathlon or big swim. I love hosting parties and fundraising social events, often in support of my linked Charities. I am also in the midst of setting up a clinical trial within my academic research work.


Adèle Théron's Credentials

Adèle’s clinical supervisor is Babette Rothschild, Chartered Clinical Psychotherapist and founder of Somatic Trauma Therapy in the United States. Babette is also a specialist educator in the treatment of trauma and PTSD and bestselling author of (among others) The Body Remembers. Adèle is currently working on her final year of MPsych then PhD in Psychology, Clinical Neuroscience and Traumatic Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom and University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Bachelor of Business Science - Honours in IT Strategy, Psychology and Change Management (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Post Graduate Diploma in Traumatic Studies and PTSD (University of Reading, United Kingdom and Berkshire Trauma service) - Member of the British Psychological Society: 509968 and New Zealand Psychological Society: 15699
Certified EFT Master Practitioner
TRE - Trauma Release Exercises trained by David Berceli adapted for coaching
Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) Certification #285-20100 registered with the Institute of Trauma Professionals
Executive Coach (IECL)
Family Mediator - Law Society, United Kingdom
Dispute Resolution Facilitator - Law Society, United Kingdom
Professional Negotiator - Law Society, United Kingdom and Facilitator of Non-Violent Communication
Master Practitioner of NLP - Certified with ANLP
Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy - Certified with the Tad James Institute
Clinical Hypnotherapist - Registered to AHA
Past Program leader at Landmark Education - Trained personally by Werner Erhard, Founder of Landmark Education
ACMP Member of the Association of Change Management Professionals
Accelerated Learning Accelerated Learning Techniques Master Practitioner

Fight for your best life

“So if you are feeling stuck in your life and you want more vitality, love and connection, you’ve come to the right place. What I will say is don’t give up and sink into complacency. Fight for your best life.

With the right team in place, healing recovery is not just a possibility, it’s a reality. At NakedRecovery [www.NakedDivorce.com, https://nakedrecovery.com & www.NakedMarriageOnline.com] we focus all our coaching programs providing practical and pragmatic support.

We are extremely compassionate BUT don’t commiserate, or simply allow aimless chatting. We focus on results and we will lead you out of your situation. We believe that recovery takes hard work, homework, action and focus. If you do the work, you will heal. To be clear: we are not psychotherapists or psychiatrists. If that’s what you are looking for, then we are the wrong place for that. We are coaches and coaching is quite different to therapy

So think about where it is that you are right now. Here in this place, what is it like?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, deflated, resigned, sad, worried, arguing a lot. Maybe you’re in a relationship where you’re tolerating less vitality, less happiness and you have less confidence.

Maybe you’re retreating into a dream world to escape your real world. Then think about where you wanna be instead. What are these dreams and these aspirations that you had?

What if we can get you back to that place of love, happinessvitality and confidence?

What if you could create aliveness and magic? Imagine being able to have all the conversations you wanna have and having the courage to get real with people.

Picture being able to melt those arguments and barriers in a moment. So to get from where you are to where you wanna be, I think you will agree that you probably need a new strategy and if you wanna explore what that new strategy is all about, get in touch with us and book a clarity call.

Take that first step to reclaiming yourself and your real life. My team of divorce coaches (Divorce-Angels as we call them) and I are waiting for you and we are here to support you through every step of the journey. Until then.


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