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What are the signs of a marriage in trouble?

Adèle Théron discusses the signs of a marriage in trouble.

Feel stuck in your marriage?

Hi there, my name is Adele, and I’m a relationship and trauma counsellor…

Now, if you’re stuck in your marriage right now and you’re not connecting with your partner; maybe you’re arguing a lot, maybe you’re having trouble with each other, you’re not on the same page.

Maybe you’re arguing, maybe you’re dealing with something really tough and you don’t know how to find your way back to each other. Then the Spark Marriage Program is the perfect program for you.

As a trauma specialist and relationship specialist, one of the breakthrough programs that we run is the award-winning Naked Divorce. We’ve had literally thousands of people participate in that program and in that program, we pinpoint at the exact moments in a marriage that are dangerous and can lead to divorce.

For Spark, I reverse-engineered what we did in Naked Divorce, to build a formula for how to have a lasting and beautiful marriage and relationship.

So in the Spark Program, we work over three months. I work with you, I work with your partner, and I work with the two of you together.

We go on a journey to implement this formula into your marriage. By the time you are done, you are in a powerful position to really understand what it takes to have a beautiful relationship and how to make that last long into the future.

So come on a journey with us. Come and find out more about the Spark Marriage Coaching Program.

Book a Clarity Call so that we can explain exactly how the program can make a difference to you and your marriage.

Lost in therapy?

Avoid the endless, pointless, and harmful conversations of traditional therapy.

There is another way…

Adele introduces the SPARK program


There are 27 modules in the Spark™ marriage coaching programs. Your Spark coach will take you through each module in-turn.

Here are your first 5 modules…


‟Marriage is a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do”

Barbara De Angelis

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