Creating your dream relationship blueprint

Posted on March 24th, 2018

The most important place to start is to ensure that you’ve made a big, clear, wide-open space in which to create your dream relationship blueprint.

That work is the work that takes the courage to heal ethically, to find the sources of your previous relationship’s break-up or divorce.


So you’ve created a wide-open space – think of it like a clearing in wood or forest, or a blank canvas for an artist to begin to paint.  It’s calling for something new to be created there.  Now pick up your journal and answer these questions:

  • Do you have a certain type of partner you attract and where did this come from?
  • Is this type healthy for you?
  • What type of man do you believe is the type who will be the best for you in your life?
  • How was your life when you met your ex? Were you happy and confident or feeling needy and desperate?
  • What were your ex’s positive traits that attracted you to him/her and what good aspects or attributes of that relationship would you like to create in your next relationship?
  • What are your expectations now? What are you looking for in your dream relationship?
  • Think of your dream relationship. Close your eyes and create a little movie scene in your mind of you and your dream partner.  How do you know it’s your dream partner? What is happening in this scene? Write down everything you see, feel, hear, touch and experience.  Ensure it’s a vivid scene.

Dream partner

When it comes to attracting the partner of your dreams, your unconscious beliefs are more powerful than your everyday thoughts. You cannot re-programme your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind, however, is like a giant computer hard drive that can be programmed with mental software (ie thought patterns and belief systems) to control your thinking.

I can’t have a beautifully loving relationship with my dream partner

For example, if you currently have a mental programme installed in your subconscious mind that says “I can’t have a beautifully loving relationship with my dream partner” or “I never get what I want and I’m not good enough”, your subconscious mind will make sure that you don’t have any opportunities to attract that amazing partner into your life.  And even if you consciously want nothing more than to be in an amazing relationship, your subconscious mind can ensure that you sabotage your success.


Until you re-programme your mind to support you attracting your dream partner, your limiting belief systems in your subconscious mind will make you think thoughts that limit what you can attract into your life.

The Naked Divorce Dream Relationship audio programme is an effortless way to attract your dream partner into your life.

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Sending you a big hug!


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